Bay Area Designworks is a residential design business providing design plans for new and remodel/ addition projects. The owner, Mark Burkett, has 38 years of combined residential design and construction experience. In the mid 80’s while taking architecture courses, he was employed by a licensed architectural firm in Danville, CA. His employer recognized his design talents and challenged him to design many dozens of custom homes and major remodel/ additions in the years that followed.

After 6 years, Mark left the architectural firm to learn the construction trade, and he soon became a licensed general contractor while continuing with residential design as a parallel enterprise.
As a builder, Mark is very detail oriented and a meticulous craftsman. He enjoys the creative process in problem solving and developing new and custom approaches to accomplish challenging design goals. The Mt. Shasta House, shown on the Home Page, was designed and built by Mark (Mark Burkett Construction) in 2010. With combined design and construction experience, he has extensive knowledge of all aspects of the building process. However, he is acutely aware that there is still much to learn given the rapid evolution of new materials and techniques in todays construction.

As a client you will appreciate that Mark prioritizes good communication and follow-through. You will get professionally prepared design plans and construction documents. He will strive to design your project specifically for you, thoughtfully considering your taste and your lifestyle.