Project Scope

Orinda Addition- Project Scope

Custom addition and remodel to encompass the following:

The initial design intent is to have a revised entry location to flow straight through to the back property. The entry will separate the new study area to the east and the existing kitchen/ family area to the west.

The east study space will have second level Primary bedroom & bath (master suite) above that will establish a 4th bedroom and 3rd bathroom for the home. Upon initial discussions, the study will have double glass french doors with the option of privacy shades.

The existing kitchen size is acceptable but needs to be reconfigured. Attempt to utilize the space where there is an existing laundry room, to enhance the kitchen functionality- pantry etc…

The existing staircase will remain, as its current design has excellent proportion, location, layout and flow. At the landing place where the stairs meets the backyard level, incorporate glass double outswing doors to enhance the mid-point landing area. Where the upstairs hallway begins at the top of the stairs, provide a new ceiling skylight. Possibly 2 skylights in this hallway?

The existing 3 bedrooms will remain as is. The newly remodeled existing master bathroom will have a door location change to the hallway to then serve the 3 existing bedrooms and will then be relabeled as bath #2. The current window in this bathroom will have to be abandoned therefore a skylight is desired to recover natural light to the space.

At the upstairs stairway end point, create a short hallway space eastward to the new Primary bedroom. Ideally this transition space will encompass the new laundry area (at the south side) and perhaps some laundry cabinetry (at the north side), which could effectively turn this area into a “room” in of itself. Attempt to maintain a formal sense to this corridor as well.

Additional project notes:

– MB recommends retaining the existing directional stepped pathway up to the main level of the home, albeit fully reconstructing this pathway.

– Downstairs bath: re-work a new practical and functional layout & location.

– Attempt to provide 2 (high up the wall) transom windows at the west wall. One at the nook/ table area and 1 at the family room.

– The Owners place an emphasis on abundant natural light throughout the home, wherever possible.

– Provide a seating bench at the west wall of the nook/ table area.

– Attempt to delete the ceiling duct soffit in this area.

– Potentially delete the ducting chase protruding from the west interior wall.

– Investigate the possibility of taller ceilings at the new study and Primary rm. above.

– Possible storage space below study.

– Garage ceiling might potentially house new HVAC ducting.

– Consult with engineer regarding existing pre-manufactured structural walls.

– Designer to consider alternatives and possible deviations throughout the design process and collaborate with Owners through development.